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   Each year as new hull designs slice, dice, step, and carve their way into marketing headlines there are many claims by manufacturers about how well their boats perform. In 1993, Stingray began collecting performance data from boat tests published by reputable parties (boating magazines and motor manufacturers). We've used this information to compare the speed and fuel economy of our boats to competitive products. After comparing the efficiency of our patented Z-Plane hull with thousands of other boats, we were very pleased to see just how well we stacked up against our competition.

   You, too, can use this performance database to compare over thousands third party boat tests performed over the last twenty years. With this information, you can decide for yourself which manufacturer has the most efficient and best performing boats in the size range you are looking for.

   All tests in our database were performed by third parties and have source documentation listed. Editorials or tests on boats containing performance information not taken by the tester are not shown in this database. We have attempted to provide you with factual, unbiased boat performance data, and every effort has been made to display this information accurately. We will add approved tests not currently listed and correct any test errors reported to us by e-mail.

With our performance database, you can:
  • Compare speed and fuel economy by model, length, and horsepower
  • Use the category search query to easily change the output results
  • Get detailed comparisons on up to five different boats
  • View information on our test sources by clicking on the tester name

    All tests in this database are the property and opinion of the test source as shown.

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