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Stingray 220DS
Boating Life Buyer's Guide 2001 - Deck Boats

"Its deck plan is ideally suited for camaraderie and pleasure cruising."

Cockpit The helm sports an adjustable seat and tilt wheel to fit any driver.

Length Overall: 22' 3"

Beam: 8' 3"

Test Boat Weight: 4,169 lb

Fuel Capacity: 62 gal

Load Capacity: 2,300 lb

Seating Capacity: 10

Test Engine: MerCruiser 240HP 5.0L EFI

Test Prop: 19" Aluminum

Top Speed @ RPM: 46.7 MPH @ 5,000 RPM

Speed @ 3/4 Throttle: 34.2 MPH @ 3,750 RPM

Acceleration to 30 MPH: Not Tested

Noise @ 30-MPH: Not Tested

Noise @ Idle: Not Tested

Boating Life Magazine
January/February 2001

2001 Stingray 220DS

The Stingray 220DS deckboat lacks nothing. Look no further than its deck plan, which is ideally suited for fun, camaraderie and pleasure cruising.

The 220DS steps on plane quickly with practically no bow rise. (The patented Stingray Z-Plane hull works as impressively in this broad-shouldered deck boat as it does in Stingray's performance boats.) At slower speeds, wakes were large enough for accomplished wakeboarders, and at higher speeds they flattened out nicely for skiers. The 220DS turned on a dime with precision and smoothness unexpected from a deckboat.

Creature comforts abound in this deckboat. We like the huge, L-shaped cockpit richly upholstered in Stingray's foam-backed vinyl. The forward seating area is so large that a capacity load of 10 people will have plenty of room for fun. Storage beneath the lounge is cavernous.

The helm is perfectly positioned for a full command view forward, and the gauges are perfectly visible. On the passenger side, a cooler and wet sink make picnic and refreshment preparation easy.

The walk-through transom is one of our favorite features, giving boaters smooth access to the cockpit from the dock and allowing swimmers access to the platform without climbing over seats. The large changing room with portable toilet and a porthole for light and ventilation are additional standout features. A Bimini top pops up or hides away when not in use.

Nice Touches - Reprinted from Boating Life
Chart scanned and reprinted from Boating Life Magazine - January 2001

Boating Life Magazine
January/February 2001


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