Stingray 240CS
Boating World - June 1995

NOTE : the 240CS was formerly the 729zp

240CS ('95 model) The Stingray 729zp is a livable 23 foot cruiser with sleek, Eurostyle styling and a full-bodied profile that provides plenty of topside space for entertaining and below decks accommodations for overnighting.

Generous freeboard and a high crowned foredeck combine to make boaters on the 729zp feel as if they're living large on a compact cruiser. The freeboard gives the boat a deep cockpit that's ideal for keeping youngsters secure while underway, and the crowned foredeck opens up space in the cabin to allow standing headroom for six footers.

The designation "zp" in the model name refers to Stingray's patented Z Plane hull configuration. Through years of experimentation, designers at Stingray realized that the placement of strakes on the bottom of the hull were as critical to overall performance. (Strakes are elongated protrusions that run on both sides of the keel. They help minimize lateral roll and maintain directional tracking when underway.)

Most builders simply integrate their strakes into the V-profile of the running surface. Stingray, in contrast, uses each strake to produce a clean break in the surface of the V. In this way, the hull maintains its designated angle of deadrise, but is able to divide into separate, offsetting segments between strakes.

A line drawing of the hull from a head-on perspective looks like a symmetrical series of steps ("Z" shapes) as the eye moves from the centerline to the outer chines. This configuration produces a boat with exceptional lateral stability, tracking, and improved performance. To further improve speed and efficiency, the hull has a notched transom so the engine may be mounted higher for a reduction in drag.

To help the cabin create a feeling of roominess, Stingray installed four portlights and a big opening deck hatch for ventilation and light. The galley is well-stocked with a sink, icebox, and an especially useful two burner alcohol stove. The marine head is just shy of having true standing room (although children will find it suitable). On the upside, it's located in a separate compartment and equipped with a sink and portable head. Other belowdeck features include a removable dinette table and a midcabin berth located athwartships.

The topside layout differs somewhat from larger and roomier midsized cruisers, but Stingray designers managed to install seats for the largest of families. The helm seat, for instance, is not only double wide, it's a back-to-back unit that folds down to form a sunpad. There's also a bench seat at the helm (a side-facing unit) and another bench in the stern that's formed out of the engine compartment.

Stingray is justifiably proud of the care it puts into constructing its entire boat line. This care starts with an industry-leading reliance on computer-assisted design systems and continues through the Z-Plane hull (found on all Stingray boats), Teleflex gauges, power steering (found on the base 190-horse 5.0-liter MerCruiser sterndrive) and a long list of other standard features. The 729zp is the flagship model of the Stingray line, and it benefits by being equipped with the best that the Hartsville, S.C., builder can offer.

Boating World
June 1995


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