Stingray 200LS/LX
Compact Boat of the Year

Hot Boat Magazine - May 1995

NOTE: the 200LS/LX were formerly the 606zp

200LS ('95 model) Our evaluators called the Stingray "the sport's ultimate family sleeper boat," and with good reason. Dockside, who would have guessed that this well-built but conservatively styled production boat could sprint from dead weight to 50 mph in 10.84 seconds? Or that it would register a delightfully stable 61.3-mph top end? Or that it could do all of this on stock smallblock power?

One of only a few production hulls to carry 60mph performance on stock smallblock muscle, the Stingray is a delightfully hospitable day ride. The 606 ZP is supremely responsive, handles rough water like a larger boat and turns as if on rails.

Members of our test team were dazzled with the Stingray's superb detail and finish work. They liked the way the 606 converts from a hard deck to a bowrider and also liked the addition of a slick bow insert. But that's not its most amazing transformation. This year's Compact Boat of the Year, which stickers at under $20,000 as tested, is as close as family boating gets to Clark Kent emerging as Superman.

Hot Boat Magazine
May 1995


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