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Trailer Boats - February 1999
Stingray 230LX

I have been watching the development of Stingray boats for several years. From the introduction of the Z-plane hull, computer-aided design and manufacturing processes have made Stingray a leader in high-technology boat building. One of the results of this process is the 230LX, a 23-foot production bowrider with style and detail finish that rival the finest hand-crafted boats.

With 32-ounce marine-grade vinyl, the seating and upholstered areas offer a feeling of durability as well as comfort. The polypropylene seat frames are designed to provide years of hard use without cracks, splits or rot. Carpeting is plush and UV-stabilized. Generous use of molded interior components cuts down on maintenance and enhances durability.

Parts fit properly together and the hull-to-deck joint is smooth and even. Mold smoothness and gelcoat work are first-rate.

The stringer system includes steel motor mounts and rubber insulators to reduce engine vibration and noise. A premium sound system is standard.

230LX cockpit

Performance is the area where Stingray boats shine, and the 230LX is no exception. Speeds of more than 62 mph in a boat of this size with a small-block V-8 no less, is not just respectable, it is commendable.

It is easy to build a fast hull. It is a lot harder to build a fast hull that rides and corners well, handles with ease, and provides the creature comforts we all expect. Stingray's patented Z-plane hull accomplishes all this and does so at a very reasonable price.

Trailer Boats
February 1999


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