Stingray 200LX
Waterski Magazine - February 1996

NOTE: the 200LX was previously the 606zpx

200LX ('96 link)On any boat-show buyer's checklist, you're sure to find performance, comfort and value. Maybe even a little box for skiability. While some boatbuilders get the first two or three, Stingray always seems to get good marks for all four. This year, the 606zpx passed with flying colors.

Performance is a given with Stingray, thanks to the company's patented Z-Plane hull. The design, which eliminates hard vertical edges from the chines, prevents the formation of air bubbles and promotes smooth water flow along the hull and across the propeller. This creates plenty of prop bite and keeps the boat running smooth and strong. In addition, Stingray has added a notched transom to the 606, positioning the outdrive higher for less drag and better fuel economy.

In the comfort department, Stingray gets a solid mark. Each boat is designed using 'Oscar', a 3-D computer figure created with human engineering data developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. By positioning Oscar in various places within the boat during the initial design phase, Stingray engineers can make decisions on a variety of ergonomic parameters quickly, easily and without spending time and money building prototype boats. Not only does this ensure plenty of room for passengers, but it translates into a high value for the consumer.

In the last category, skiability, the 606 performs admirably. Recreational slalom is its best pursuit, as wakes are about the softest and easiest to cross within the 606's class. Large at 28 mph, they flatten out and harden with subtle increases in speed. Using a 15-off line magazine quote length, they're great for the family, with 32 mph being the best speed. There's plenty of storage too, with a 97-inch ski locker and rear seat capacity for more.

Footers will find excellent conditions. Wake quality is extremely high for a stern-drive. Our only advice would be choosing more horsepower, like the MerCruiser 5.7 or 5.7LX. Skiers stepping off a ski will frolic in a wide, smooth curl. If crossings are in the works, expect well-defined wake crests and a pancake-flat table.

Recreational boarders will find medium-sized, clean wakes that are adequate for jumps, spins and wake-to-wake tricks. "Its wakes are long for good air into the flats," says Cobe Mikacich. Kneeboard wakes are medium-sized too, and `perfect for families,' says Shannon Starling.

If your boating checklist includes the above categories, check into a Stingray 606.

Waterski Magazine
February 1996


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