What is the Difference Between Models with Names Ending in R, S, and X?

Note that the list below includes all models, even discontinued models.

'S' Models
180LS • 180RS • 185LS • 190CS
190LS • 195LS • 200CS • 200LS • 205LS
205CS • 210CS • 210LS • 220CS
'R' and 'X' Models
180LX • 180RX • 185LX • 190CX • 190LX
195CX • 195LX • 195LR • 200LX • 205CX • 210CX
205LR • 205LX • 210LR • 210LX • 200CX • 220CX
Lounge Seats
A passenger side adjustable lounge seat is a standard feature. The lounge seat raises to expose additional storage. Dual lounge seats or dual bucket seats are optional features on 'S' models.

Adjustable Lounge Seat

Adjustable Lounge Seat

Jump Seats and Motorbox
The 'S' models feature jump seats on each side and a fiberglass insulated motor box with an upholstered pad and cup holders.

High Low Jump Seats

High Low Jump Seats - converted to a sundeck

LS Model
  Bucket Seats
Dual bucket seats are a standard feature. Lounge seats are not available with the 'X' or 'R' models.

Bucket Seats

Interior View

Rear Lounge Seat and Sunpad
All 'X' and 'R' models come standard with a large sunpad. The sunpad can be easily lifted to expose the engine and dual storage compartments.


'X' models feature a straight bench seat.

Sundeck & Bench Seat

'R' models feature wraparound seating.

Wraparound Seating

Wraparound Seating


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