What is the Difference Between 'S' Models and 'X' Models?

'S' Models
180LS • 185LS • 190CS • 190LS
195LS • 200LS • 220LS • 200CS • 220CS
'X' Models
180LX • 180RX • 185LX • 190CX • 190LX
190FX • 195FX • 195LX • 200LX • 220LX
200CX • 220SX • 230SX
Lounge Seats
A passenger side adjustable lounge seat is a standard feature. The lounge seat raises to expose additional storage. Dual lounge seats or dual bucket seats are optional features on 'S' models. (180LS shown in photo)

Lounge Seat in Upright Position
Lounge Seat in Lounge Position

Jump Seats and Motorbox
The 'S' models feature jump seats on each side and a fiberglass insulated motor box with an upholstered pad and cup holders.

The 195 and 200 LS and CS models come standard with High Low Jump Seats. This feature allows a variety of uses for the same interior. The High Low Jump Seats quickly convert to a full width sundeck. (195CS shown in photo)

High Low Jump Seats High Low Jump Seats - converted to a sundeck
  Bucket Seats
Dual bucket seats are a standard feature. Lounge seats are not available with the 'X' models. (200LX model shown)

Bucket Seats Bucket Seats and Sunpad

Rear Lounge Seat and Sunpad
All 'X' models come standard with a large sunpad. The sunpad can be easily lifted to expose the engine and dual storage compartments. (195LX shown in photo)

Sundeck & Bench Seat

In addition to an 'X' model and 'S' model, the 195 series also offers an 'R' model. Like the 'X' model, it has a large sundeck. The difference is that the 'R' model has wraparound bench seating instead of a normal bench seat. (195LR shown in photo)



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