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Performance With Passion
Innovative Quality

Innovative Quality

Few, if any, boat companies can match Stingray's commitment to advancing technology. Using tools that were unavailable just a few years ago, Stingray boats are built with unequalled precision and efficiency. Having these tools in-house gives us the benefit of pushing the technological edge even further. While pushing the technological edge and using new tools we are also aware that some things require the delicacy of a human touch. At every step of the building process Stingray integrates the precision of technology and the judgement of skilled craftsmen.

Environmentally Responsible


Throughout its history, Stingray Boats has "marched to the beat of a different drum." While other manufacturers have relied on conventional methods and the technology of the day, Stingray has always searched for the unconventional ... with a look toward tomorrow. This has been true as evidenced by our many "firsts" in the industry such as our Z-plane hull, our state of the art robotic-driven production facility, and our comprehensive web site.

Z-Plane Hull

Z-Plane Hull

Most of the marine industry continues to use the same technology of a century ago. By incorporating much of the technology from the auto and computer industries, STINGRAY set out to revolutionize the boating industry and bring quality to a new peak.

The exclusive STINGRAY Z-plane or "zp" hull is the first major step in that direction. There are no added volumes or surfaces (strakes). Z-planes act as horizontal planing faces when submerged, and when very near the water's surface the outside edge of the Z-plane acts as a spray release. This revolutionary design passes through the water with no bubbles or vortices formed by the hull shape.

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