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Few, if any, boat companies can match Stingray's commitment to advancing technology. Using tools that were unavailable just a few years ago, Stingray boats are built with unequalled precision and efficiency. Having these tools in-house gives us the benefit of pushing the technological edge even further. While pushing the technological edge and using new tools we are also aware that some things require the delicacy of a human touch. At every step of the building process Stingray integrates the precision of technology and the judgement of skilled craftsmen.

We spend a great deal of time working out the details of your new Stingray with a computer model before we commit the design to the fiberglass. Major components are "assembled" on screen where we study various parameters and make any necessary adjustments. This computer model contains the information required for the next step in the process - 3D milling.

Autocad Drawing

This machine produces three-dimensional parts identical to the computer model. While a full size part is the end result, the ability to cut and study an accurate scale model of the intended part is a definite advantage to the Stingray design team.

3D Milling Machine

A unique overhead tram system specially developed just for Stingray. It allows parts under construction to be moved about the plant under computer control.

Overhead Tram System

A large percentage of parts on a Stingray are cut out using this high pressure water jet. A stream of water .007" thick at over 50,000 psi cuts quickly and neatly through a variety of materials much more easily than could be done by hand. This frees us to concentrate on the important job of designing and ensuring quality parts.

Water Jet Cutting Machine

Cutting irregular shapes can be a real challenge. The computer helps us to "nest" a group of parts efficiently to minimize waste. That information goes into one of our Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) routers for precision cutting of parts like bulkheads, cabin doors, and interior parts.

CNC Router

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