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Stingray Distinctions

Stingray Boats has always sought to stay in the front of the industry by remaining inventive and developing ideas that separate them from their competitors. From its beginnings to today Stingray has been obsessed with "innovative quality". Stingray refuses to be happy with the status quo in either technology or customer service. This relentless pursuit of quality has resulted in our unique models, themselves resulting from a design process that emphasizes quality control from the sketching stage to adding the final logo. These are the Stingray Distinctions.

nmma certified

NMMA Certified
As a member of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, Stingray follows well respected industry standards involving wiring, fuel tank design and installation, emergency flotation, engine ventilation, etc...

Transhield Custom covers protects the products from collecting road tar, grime and grease while in transport - ensuring that you receive the product as it was when it left the factory.

Shrink Wrapped Boat

Hats, shirts, jackets, and visors are only a few of the extras offered by Stingray to make your boating experience even more fulfilling.

Visit our Actionwear page for more information.

Using human engineering data published by MIT, we created Oscar, a 3-D computer figure. By placing Oscar in the cabin, helm, or any seat, we can make informed decisions on a variety of design parameters. There is always adequate leg room and headroom, correct helm position, convenient control locations and overall comfort. Oscar eliminates months of trial and error.

3 D seat

Stingray's thorough lamination process combines robotics and skilled craftsmanship. Starting with precision molds, our quality construction consists of top quality materials including hand laid fiberglass with Klegecel and Coremat cores, for a high strength to weight ratio.

The z-plane hull has a racing style notched transom, allowing the engine to be mounted higher for less drag, enhanced fuel efficiency and top speed. Also, the drain plug fastens in solid fiberglass, preventing water seepage into the transom core.

Conventional strakes create pockets of air that get trapped beneath the hull and interfere with the smooth flow of water over the propeller. The result is decreased performance. Stingray's z-plane hull has no vertical edge - no air bubbles - just the most efficient v-hull available.


All fiberglass, foam-filled stringer system will never rot; includes steel motor mount inserts with rubber insulators. (Fiberglass stringer available in some models.)


For the most avid boater, we supply this low-maintenance full fiberglass liner with a nonskid surface.

Stingray's one piece fiberglass cabin liner requires more effort than most companies are willing to expend. We believe the added strength and design possibilities are worth it. For low maintenance and durability, it's hard to beat. Computer aided design helps us to make the best use of available space.


Stingray uses high-grade stainless steel hardware supported with glassed in backing plates.

Our unique contoured bow seat incorporates safety features while adding to your comfort.

Our TWO, THREE, AND FOUR step boarding ladders make getting in and out of the water easy, and they fold neatly onto the swim platform.

For safety and convenience, the swim platform has a nonskid surface.

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